Baby SHREWtm
Long handled weeding, hoeing, and cultivating tool (Patent Pending)

Nicknamed the SHREW because of it's pointed nose and how extraordinarily good it digs in the dirt.

The sharpened, beveled, serrated and pointed cutting head is designed for unequaled cutting performance with an integral rake on the same plane as the blade to quickly and easily gather the weeds just lossened or cut. The rake also works great to loosen and remove large weed or grass clumps as well as to aeorate or cultivate the soil. The long pole and ergonomically designed handle at the end of the pole facilitate the use of the SHREW while standing virtually straight up. There is no need to bend over in an unnatural or uncomfortable position to weed, eliminating back pain from use as well as making the tool more efficient and easier to use than other long handled weeding tools. Uniquely simple and made to last with all stainless steel tool heads and components, we guarantee the SHREW will outlast and outperform all other weeding tools. The wood used is American Ash which is strong and durable, finished with a high quality stain to resist UV and weathering.
Old world craftsmanship and advanced engineering combine to make this tool a must have for the professional or home gardener that demands quality, performance and a lifetime of use from their tools. All tools are 100% USA made with a Limited lifetime warranty.
(Weighs only 3.5lbs and is approx. 60" long for the Regular Length Pole)
Three sizes available depending on users height:
5'4" and under ----Short Pole
5'5" to 5'11"--------Regular Pole
6' or taller ----------Long Pole
SHORT handled weeding, raking, hoeing, and cultivating tool

Quality and styling like that of the old Smith and Hawkins tools, the Baby SHREW is a smaller hand held version of the SHREW with same great functionality and performance. Excellent choice for gardeners with smaller compact gardens or borders to maintain. It is totally unique in style and design with an ergonomically shaped hardwood handle and stainless steel blade. Designed to easily slice through weeds and grasses with it's pointed and sharpened beveled cutting edge.
Like the SHREW, the Baby SHREW also has an integral rake for removing the dismembered weeds. Amazingly simple and easy to use with great results in tight places around flowers and vegetables.

Never rust blade and outdoor rated wood with Australian Timber Oil finish, and new comfort foam grip. Works great, looks even better. Limited lifetime warranty on all tools.

Never rust 304 stainless steel blade. High strength and stays sharp. Sharpened serated edge, three fork rake .
SHORT handled digging, chopping, weeding, hoeing, and cultivating tool

The RAPTOR was a trasformation of the Baby SHREW blade into a more aggressive
shape for digging, hoeing, chopping, and cultivating. While maintaining the ability to use the blade to weed as well. The comfort foam grip handle allows you to grip the tool securely while hacking away at those nasty weeds or roots. Identical in size, shape and weight as the Baby Shrew and made of the same high quality components and attractive styling.

Stainless steel and Ash wood construction. Limited lifetime warranty.
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SHORT handled slashing, chopping, weeding, tool

The WEED REAPER was created out of the necessity for a versatile cutting and weeding tool that could be used for heavy work in the garden. Designed with two cutting surfaces, one for getting underneath weeds and grasses and cutting their roots, and the other for pulling back and cutting below or above ground plants and weeds. The long comfort grip handle gives an extended reach and is easily worked between and behind existing good plants. This quickly became my favorite hand tool for quick clean-up of flower beds and garden beds and is capable of the toughest weeding jobs.
All stainless steel components with a solid Ash wood handle like all our tools, makes this a must have for any gardener and will last a lifetime with little care or maintenance.  Limited lifetime warranty.
"Thanks everyone for your patience in waiting for our great selection of hand tools to return. Not only are they better than ever, but we have a new addition as well. The WEED REAPER. Check them all out below and please call me direct to place your initial order. We only have a few in stock while we wait for our stainless parts to arrive. And please call or email me with any questions about our products. Thanks again, Bill Schlicht
All our new tools come with this great foam grip too!!!!
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