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Due to the new tariffs on steel, my material costs have increased dramatically. Thus I am forced to pass on some of the cost to my customers. I have increased the Shrew price by $5 to it's original price of $75 which only compensates for less than 1/2 of my new cost. But I want to keep my customers happy if I can. The shipping costs have increased as well by $2.
 Sorry for the increase but I must maintain a reasonable margin to stay in business. Thank you for your consideration.

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Dedicated to supplying the professional and home gardener with quality and functional tools to make gardening easier and fun again....
Welcome to PRO Gardener TOOLS 
As one of the founding partners of a specialty plant nursery in Washington State, I worked daily in our gardens with antiquated and inefficient gardening tools. Resulting in many hours of wasted time and many more hours of back pain from using tools that had inherent design flaws. Most all stand up gardening tools, from rakes to hoes, to weeding tools required the user to bend over at an uncomfortable and unnatural position in order to use them. Since I have had a bad back for over 30 years, each and every day was a challenge. With the serendipitous development of the SHREW, the body aching task of weeding became a thing of the past. In fact, weeding not only became easier and painless, it actually became fun. Since the introduction of the SHREW, we have created a line of hand held tools with more on the way. It is our goal to supply you the gardener with the best most functional tools to do your gardening job, hobby or passion, easier and with more enjoyment. Made of 304 stainless steel and Ash, the SHREW will outlast and out perform all other long  handled weeding tools like the Winged Weeder or the Hula Hoe.
is available now for your  garden weed clean-up.

Allow approximately one week for delivery. 

Custom Made in WA state and with all USA parts

Metal Components
Shrew in Action
Wood Components
Introducing the incredible "SHREW" 
the best stand-up weeding, hoeing, and cultivating tool ever made.